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Songshan Station is the starting station for Cycling Route No.1. We suggest the counterclockwise direction for riding. There are signs for guiding, but some sections need to be careful. The following sites must be careful :

  1. From the starting station of Songshan Station to the east, please go to Keelung Road with bicycle lane on Civic Boulevard.
  2. Please use multiple bicycle road at West of Taiyuan St. and Nanjing West Road, and ride along Nanjing West Road at Chongqing North intersection (circle) →Xining North Rd. → Minsheng West Rd. → arriving at Dadaocheng Pier after the sluice gate
  3. After Dadaocheng Pier, ride along the right bank of Danshui River to south and Huajiang Bridge. And both ends of Huajiang Bridge are connected with traction lane, please pull your bike.
  4. After Huajiang Bridge, ride along the right bank of Dahan River to the end of bicycle lane, and the small path which is opposite to Lane 200, Section 3, Jieshou Rd. to Provincial Highway 3 and Jiaxing Bridge.
  5. When you arrive Shanhua, Tainan, please turn right at Siraya Boulevard → Section 1, Huanxi Rd. → Nanke 3rd Rd. → Daoye Rd. → linking up to Shanhaizun Green Road
  6. The path of Shanhaizhun Green Road is: bicycle path of Titang Harbor → bicycle path under the bridge of Freeway 8 → drainage bicycle road of Yenshui River → Section 1and 2, Qinghe Rd., Annan District (please use the one-sided and two-way bicycle path along riverbank) → bicycle-only bridge → Kaian 5th St. and Antong Rd. (please use the one-sided and two-way bicycle path along riverbank) → Section 3~6, Antong Rd. (low traffic lane and multi traffic lane) → Provincial Highway 17, suggest riders using Shanhaizun Green Road because of heavy traffic flow at Yongkang Interchange.
  7. Riding along Provincial Highway 17 (Cuihua Rd.) when you arrive Zuoying District, Kaohsiung → Mingtan Rd., → Huantan Rd. → Ride along the green strips of railway, and go straight down to Zuoying Station, and go back to Hsinchuang 1st Rd.
  8. For downtown in Kaohsiung, please ride along Zhongshan Rd. to the Star of Qianzhen, and the bicycle crossing bridge connected to the bicycle path at Cuiheng South and North Rd., and arriving at Pinghe East intersection and going back to Zhongshan 4th Rd.
  9. For riders at south section of Pingtung who would like to go to Provincial Highway 9 by trains, please use Section 2, Zhongshan Rd. in Fangliao → Country Road 143-1 and Zhongshan Rd. → Take TRA Bike train to Taimali Station.
  10. Because Suhua Highway is under construction, we suggest you go to Hualien by branch line of TRA. (Branch line of Hualien Station: Mingli Rd. → Jinfeng St. → Guolien 5th Rd. → Guolien 3rd Rd. → Hualien Station)
  11. The north side of Shicheng connected to the Old Caoling Circle-Line Bikeway to Fulong Station and Longmen. For riders who go southward, please turn to Provincial Highway 2 at the intersection of Shicheng Service Area and keep riding southward. For riders who would like to shorten the time, please turn to old Caoling Tunnel at the southern exit to Fulong Station and go to Provincial Highway 2 to save 8 kilometers.
  12. Ride northward from Fulong Visitor Center, the path is Fulong St. → Provincial Highway 2 → go back to bicycle-one path after Zongtong Rd. → bicycle path at the parking lot of visitor center → go back to bicycle-only path after Zongtong Rd.
  13. The west curve of Jiping Tunnel of Provincial Highway 2 between Keelung City and New Taipei City is steep, please be careful.
  14. To avoid section of heavy traffic flow, please turn left at Section 1, Datong Rd. or Hsintai 5th Rd., New Taipei City which connected to the bicycle-only path behind Costco, Xizhi Store

Route Notices