Bicycle Equipment

Cycling clothes
Cycling clothes
  1. Wearing the right cycling clothes can provide protection against accidental injury and make the ride more comfortable.
  2. Cycling clothes are designed to help wick away sweat and make you more visible on the road.
  3. Cycling scarf: Cooling in summer, warming in winter

Cycling scarf

About 70% of series cycling injuries are injuries to the head. So always wear a helmet!!

  1. Choose a helmet that fits your head shape and is as snug as possible.
  2. The securing strap should be set behind the ear and the buckle fixed at the throat position.
  3. The helmet visor should be level with your eyebrows. Also, make sure to pull your bangs back so they don't obstruct your line of sight.
 helmet wearing three steps, see left instructions

Cycling equipment
Cycling equipment:Headlights,MeterBullhorn,bottle cage,barsWater,Saddle bags,Helmet,Taillights