Cycling Safety Information

Correct cycling form
Correct cycling form
  1. Slightly bent elbow an arm.
  2. Bowed back and waist.
  3. Straight arm and wrist position.
  4. Appropriate seat height.
  5. Correct knee position.

Correct braking techniques
Correct braking techniques
  1. Maintain appropriate stopping distance Use cadence braking. Do not hold the brakes down too long or the brake pads could overheat, reducing braking force and increasing the chance of an accident.
  2. Braking techniques Apply both brakes at the same time. Skidding can result if you only brake the rear wheel and you could flip over if only the front breaks are applied.

Correct Riding Concepts
Ride security guidelines
  1. Cycling requires sufficient calories so don't wait until you are hungry to eat.
  2. Rehydrate frequently: Don't just wait until you feel thirsty.
  3. It is advisable to rest and relax every 15 to 20 kilometers.
  4. To prevent cramps, consume foods or liquids with sodium and potassium (such as bananas).
  5. Remember to put on sunburn protection
  6. Don't litter.

Ride security guidelines
Correct Riding Concepts
  1. Concentrate when you ride.
  2. Do warm-up exercises (gradually building up) to prevent sports injuries.
  3. Respect right-of-way: Keep to the side of the road when riding.
  4. Be aware of cars approaching from behind and cars parked on the roadside.
  5. Clearly indicate when you are going to make a turn or change lanes.
  6. Keep about 30~40% of your attention in front and 60~70% behind.
  7. Be aware of unevenness on asphalt roads.