An initial plan of “Biker Friendly Environment and Integrated Bike Lane Network Implement Plan from 2015 through 2018” was drawn by The Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC). The object of the plan is based on the successful experience of “Demonstrated Plan of Bike Lane Network in the Eastern Region”. The MOTC has proceeded with the implementation of West Region recreational cycling routes since 2015. With the support from industrial, transportation, and educational section, a long term goal was set to establish a bicycle lifestyle island and the bicycle riding country.

At the Executive Yuan 3398th meeting held on May, 15th 2014, a conclusion was drawn that all resources from The MOTC, The Ministry of Interior, and The Ministry of Education should be integrated to link up with island-round bicycle route before 2015. The integration and provision of information is as important as building and improving of construction, therefore this project based on three principles of popular participation, open data and connecting the world for providing people fully information of Cycling Route NO.1.

This project has developed the Cycling Route No.1 portal with comprehensive travel information and frequent interactions, managed Facebook page, edited travel eBook, drawn tourist map, built micro-film promotion websites, and Organized various promotional activities to attract different groups who travel around Taiwan by bicycle, discover the beauty of Taiwan, and promote the development of bicycle industry and the tourism industry.

The Cycling Route No.1 portal contains fully cycling map which include the eastern cycling route which has been completed in 2011, the nine days road trip around the island and direct route of two days which based on Cycling Route No.1, and fine food, scenes, depots, and other information. People can easily receive cycling Information from the portal. Furthermore, this portal linked abundant tourism information through new technologies, such as interactive cycling map, 360-degree panorama images of bike path and videos of provincial highway, personal record collections of the round-the-island route, travel notes sharing and communication spaces of private routes to develop a trust cycling portal and become a favorite website.